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Why should you own your own domain?

In today's world of changing Internet service providers (ISPs), job switching, and relocation, from college to the real world, from job to job, or from the real world to retirement communities, our addresses change all the time. You change your phone number, your home address, your cell phone number. With all these you can set up forwarding to your new location, but not with e-mail.

Register and Manage your domain name today!

Quit your job or leave school and the e-mail address you've had for years is gone. Change Internet service providers and instantly nobody can find you at your old e-mail address. If you own your own domain name, you can have the same e-mail address forever, and people will be able to write you no matter where you are.

Buy your domain, have e-mail for life, and get a website the easy way, with

Internet Real Estate

The primary advantage to owning your personal domain name is that of security. With a minor investment you will be able to guarantee that your e-mail address will never change again!

Register and Manage your domain name today!

The Access Providers' Catch

The second main reason to buy and begin using your e-mail address today is that of limited availability. The big and small companies have been scrambling to purchase their names for the last 5 years. This is even more intense now that people realize that this Internet real estate is becoming scarce.

A simple analogy is that of a big city. Manhattan property has been accounted for, but what about the upper west side, where the people live. As of yet this market is untouched. Don't wait for all the good properties to go. You may still be able to purchase or possibly

When you contract with an ISP they assign you an e-mail address based on their server like Not exactly personal. Say you find a better deal with CompuServe, Hotmail, or your local provider (which is often the case), you risk losing your e-mail address if you make the switch.

What if you switch from AOL to Hotmail, or decide you really want to speed up your Internet access and sign up using the latest cable modems or DSL? If you own your domain name, your e-mail will never change. When you own your domain name such as, you will receive e-mail at forever.

Within the next 5 years 70% of American adults will utilize the Internet for a significant part of their day-to-day business.

"Free" Web Sites

How does it work?

Remember you get what you pay for. Many websites offer a free page to members as a membership bonus. This is a grand idea if you want to be tied to their service forever and receive junk e-mail 30 times each day. The two major disadvantages to these services are: impossible names and lack of mobility.

The name that you will be assigned is not one you will be proud to own. Try remembering something like Wouldn't you prefer a name such as

If you put time and effort into creating your page and change providers, you will have to notify everyone who you want to see it. When that the address has changed, don't count on a forward link staying there.

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